Presentation of Lexer BW2

Event Management

Lexer BW2 software allows you to create and manipulate leagues and tournaments. The assembly and treatment of the data will be taken care of by the software.

Userfriendly software

Software based on simplicity and action velocity. It's fonctions regrouped by theme are logic and userfriendly. On the other hand, each action is represented by a button with explanation to facilitate acces. For a more classical use, you'll find text menus positioned at strategical locations.

It's all in the game

Most of Lexer BW2 options are located at competition level. Here you'll be able to find player and team management, handicap play as well as points and bonus attribution. To finalise your event, this is also where you'll find options like printing , updating of calculated data, export of reports and scores, mass modification of certain information, etc...

Management of individuel events within a single competition

Lexer BW2 is capable of managing the different events within a single competition (qualifications, finals, etc...) by using differents clusters, to facilitate management and score handling. Making it easier to create the different standings required.

Player management to optimise possibilities

It is possible to directly integrate federation members (for example by ALIAS for France). When updating this listing frequently, the only thing left to do is select the events participants with the research option, or simply by using copy and paste of the members licence number or family name and name.

The different standings

Lexer BW2 takes care of everything. When creating your event the software proposes several default standings related to the event's configuration (Individuel and or team standings, with or without handicap, scratch, with bonification points, best games and series played, etc...). In case of specific configurations, you'll be able to customize your standings according to your needs.

You've allways dreamed of publishing your event on the Internet

With Lexer BW2 it is now possible to regenerate a website, corresponding to the recuperated data of each of your events. The created website's presentation can be configured in order to give it a personal touch. In case you just need certain standings or specific stats, it also allows you to create only a partial site.

You still want more

Every event has it's own particularities; this is why Lexer BW2 is so complete.But in case the options provided are not sufficient, please do not hesitate to contact us with remarks or suggestions.

Handicap play in all of this

The handicap is automaticaly calculated, according to the chosen configuration. To realise this you'll be able tu use several options.

The management of bonification and points attribution

The attribution of bonification and points are available with different ways of functioning. For players or teams, for every game or a serie, added to the regular scores, in direct confrontation with an adversary or related to specific standings. For the points attribution management there are 2 kinds of points, to allow you to handle 2 seperate point attributions.

What else

Allways there to simplify your life, Lexer Bowling is equiped with a set of very complete options, like club management, Round Robin management, the possibility to copy leagues, a "thrash can" in case of league suppression, screen adaptation, player filters, simplyfied updating, data recovery when acquiring de LeXer Bowling, and plenty more...